Our in house tooling department and skilled machinists provides us with the flexibility to customize our products according to our customers’ specifications.

Earth Rod

Copper earth rods provide superior conductivity & durability and therefore greater safety than copper coated or steel rods traditionally used in earthing & grounding systems. We manufacture copper rods with plain, taper, and threading options as per customer requirements.

Copper Earth Rod Parameters
1. Corrosion resistance YES
2. Diameter 6mm – 24 mm
3. Length Upto 14 ft
4. Material Pure Copper
5. Taper Available
6. Drilling Available
7. Threading Available
8. Standard Sizes 14mm, 16mm
9. Standard Lengths 4 ft, 8 ft

Copper Tapes

We manufacture highly conductive copper tapes/strips making them suitable components for application in earthing, grounding,commutators, panel boards & electrical contacts.

Copper Tape / Strip Parameters
1. Width Upto 50mm
2. Thickness 2mm and above
3. Length Upto 50m rolls
4. Standard Sizes 3mm*25mm*50m


We manufacture highly conductive plain, punched & threaded busbars as per customer specifications for application in fields such as power distribution, power plants, data centres, telecommunication, automotive industries, railways etc..

Busbar Parameters
1. Thickness 3mm - 50mm
2. Width 5mm - 50mm
3. Length Upto 14 ft
4. Punching Available
5. Threading Available
6. Conductivity As per customer specifications
7. Standard Sizes 25 mm x 5mm, 50mm x 10mm

Earth Plates & Mats

We manufacture a range of highly conductive plain & punched earthing plates from pure copper that are used as an alternative earthing solution to earth rods – the plates are often installed in conjunction with low resistance earthing compound. We also manufacture copper earthing mats designed to minimize the danger of exposure to high voltages.

Copper earth plates can be installed in the ground to achieve an effective earth in shallow soils with underlying rocks or in underground locations with multiple buried cable and pipe services – used also to provide protection at medium/high voltage (MV-HV) switching locations where high resistivity soil or ground rock conditions prohibit the driving of copper earth rods.

Earth Plate & Earth Mat Parameters
1. Profile Square/ Rectangular
2. Thickness Upto 50mm
3. Length 10mm and above
4. Width upto 600mm


We manufacture copper profiles such as round bars, rectangular, square, pentagonal & hexagonal bars, C – Sections, hollow profiles etc..The crack-free high-finish profiles manufactured in accordance to defined international standards are highly conductive and long lasting durable products possessing strong anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and nonreactive properties.

Air Terminal Lighting Rod

We manufacture lighting rods in many different forms including hollow, solid, pointed and rounded along with the lightning spikes and terminal base. Our lighting rods provide a low-resistance path to the ground that can be used to conduct the harmful enormous electrical currents away from the structure and safety to ground when lightning strikes occur. Non-conductors suffer massive heat damage when struck by lighting, hence our highly conductive rods effectively protect lives and property

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